Friday, February 27, 2009

Okay so today I ent to the movie with most of my friends. It was actually really fun!! This lady yelled at us because by accident Trevor (this boy who ame with us) threw a piece pf pizza at us AHAHA
well then after i went to my friends Rachel house. I was looking in her closet and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

hehe i love these!! and i REALLY want them!!
i love you rachel

Thursday, February 26, 2009

sims 3 countdown!!

I want to give 100% to Leah on polyvore. The AMAZING pic at the top of the page was made by her I REPEAT i did NOT make that outstanding pic!
xo ana isabel xo

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Belts! Belts! and mORE BELTS!!

belts have been around FOREVER but there are SO many ways to use them! I love to use them on t shirts or with a dress and leggings!

fearless - by xo AnA iSaBeL xo on
to ☮MღЯgan (request a set!)
to ☮MღЯgan (request a set!) - by xo AnA iSaBeL xo on
beach<333 - by xo AnA iSaBeL xo on
for danielle [=
for danielle [= - by xo AnA iSaBeL xo on

gladiator sandals: how to wear them?

I have always loved gladiators (sunglasses and shoes!) but i love the way gladiator sandals complete an outfit. There are numerous colors and styles to choose from which is great because there is always a style for everyone.

One way that I like to wear them is simply with a pair of jeans and a nice top. Its an easy outfit to pull off and there are many ways to change it around.
Another way to wear them is with a skirt and a simple t shirt. 

im bored and sick
im bored and sick - by xo AnA iSaBeL xo on

or if you are looking for a casual outfit to wear lets say during the summer.. wearing a nice top with shorts and gladiators is a nice decision too!

summer - by xo AnA iSaBeL xo on

xo ana isabel xo